Rummy Glossary

Millions of rummy players out there play rummy online daily but most of them can be considered as illiterates when we check their knowledge over rummy terms and glossary. So read below the basic rummy terms and glossary to stand forward when compared with your fellow players.

Cash Tournaments:  Tournaments that are played using Real Cash chips

Closed Deck:  Remaining cards that are left after distributing 13 cards to each player

Deck:  A complete set of cards

Dealer: A random player who gets the turn to play last

Deadwood: Cards that do not form into sets or sequences

Dealing: Distributing cards to all the players

First Drop: Player who drops the game in the very first turn

Joker: A randomly selected card that can be used as an alternative card to any other card

Lobby: A List of deals and game rooms

Middle Drop: A Player dropping the game in any turn other than the first

Practice Tournaments: Tournaments played for Free Chips

Pure Sequence: A sequence that consists no ‘Joker card’

Pick Card: First card chosen from open card

Play Chips: Free Chips used to play fun games

Real Chips: Chips bought by the player and used to play real or cash games

Run: A group of three cards that have same suit and successive rank in sequence

Round: Part of the game that starts with dealing the cards and ends with the Show

Sequence: Three or more cards of the same suit. Eg: 6 ♥ 7 ♥ 8 ♥

Set: Three or more cards of the same face value. Eg: K ♥ K ♠ K ♣

Seat Shuffling: Re-arranging the players seating positions in order to the toss value

Show: It’s the time when player has successfully arranged all his or her 13 cards as per the game’s objective

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